What is Mindfulness & Compassion-Based Psychotherapy?

Also called Contemplative Psychotherapy, it integrates western psychotherapy with mindfulness, Buddhist psychology and the most promising breakthroughs in contemporary neuroscience. As a contemplative psychotherapist and trauma specialist, Ana Montero, graduate of the pioneering program at Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, can assist you in creating a mindfulness and loving-kindness practice that can enrich your approach to life, relationships and self.

Neuroscience and its modern interventions can help you grow and thrive by mastering the principles of secure attachment and health intimacy within your relationships. Trauma resolution comes through neuropsychological integration and Ana Montero is skillful in creating a personalized plan that can help you achieve the changes you need and crave to lead a fulfilled life.

The unique combination of Contemplative and Attachment-Based Psychotherapy offers an integrated approach to human growth and healing that honors both traditional wisdom traditions and Western psychology (psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral approaches, transpersonal psychology, narrative therapy, attachment and somatic therapy, deep affect therapy, gestalt therapy, etc.).

To learn more about Ana’s theoretical models and approach to psychotherapy, and how she can help you achieve mental and spiritual balance and integration in Toronto, Canada or the world via video conferencing, please click here.




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